Vestas sigue rentabilizando soluciones eolicas

La sociedad danesa Vestas Wind Systems A/S, el principal proveedor de soluciones eólicas del mundo, ha aumentado sus beneficios anuales un 13,3%, hasta los 579 millones de euros,siendo sus ingresos 6.640 millones, con una subida del 10%.

Para el 2010 tiene previsto unos ingresos de 7.000 millones y un margen de beneficios de entre el 10% y el 11%.

Más información en los informes anuales siguientes:

In 2009, Vestas increased its revenue by 10 per cent to EUR 6.6bn, recording a 28 per cent EBIT increase to EUR 856m; this was the best financial performance ever. The improvement was achieved in a very difficult market, in which the credit squeeze affected not only the headlines, but also Vestas’ day-to-day oper- ations and, not least, our order intake, which will make 2010 an even greater challenge than 2009 turned out to be.
On 27 October 2009, Vestas defined the financial targets – Triple15 – for its No. 1 in Modern Energy strategy; Vestas aims to achieve an EBIT margin of 15 per cent and revenue of EUR 15bn no later than 2015. This translates into an average annual growth of at least 15 per cent and a substantial improvement of the EBIT margin. Strong growth and a higher EBIT margin are pre- requisites for Vestas to retain its market-leading position in wind power and thereby create the world’s strongest energy brand as the No. 1 in Modern Energy.
Having a much more efficient and customer-oriented organisa- tion with new wind turbines and service products is the foun- dation from which we aim to achieve the targets, and we have already taken a number of steps: The alignment of our production and sales business units is underway, we are adopting a more regional structure in Vestas and we have announced new wind turbines for the onshore and offshore segments. We retain a high
level of investment in development activities around the world because wind power is a high-technology race in which day-by- day competition is becoming more and more fierce.
In the years ahead, large, experienced and financially strong com- panies will join the race, having realised that Vestas’ vision, Wind, Oil and Gas, is about to become a reality. Retaining our market leadership and the position as a “pure play” spokesperson for modern energy will only be possible through close relations and collaboration with our existing and new customers around the world. Consequently, dramatically improved customer satisfac- tion is paramount for us to accomplish Triple15.
COP15 did not turn out to be the global and supranational climate breakthrough that Vestas had hoped for. On the other hand, the large number of heads of states and governments from around the world attending the conference clearly showed that the climate and the environment, or clean air, water and energy, are now at the very top of the international agenda, underpinned by the many national targets and initiatives. This is good news for Vestas and wind power because modern energy is one of the keys to the solution for generations to come. No other form of renew- able energy is currently able to match wind power, for which the price of MWh will continue to fall. …..