Las 100 personas mas creativas del año en los negocios

El ranking con las 100 personas mas creativas del año en los negocios ha sido publicado y realizado por Fast Company dando como resultado la siguiente clasificación que está encabezada por Lady Gaga. Para cada uno de ellos, en el enlace de su nombre aparecen las razones que le han llevado a distinguirse por su creatividad empresarial.


1 Lady Gaga

Pop Artist

2 Eddy Cue

VP of Internet Services, Apple

3 Elizabeth Warren

Consumer Advocate, Congressional Oversight Panel

4 Shiro Nakamura

Chief Creative Officer, Nissan

5 Ryan Murphy

Creator, Producer, Glee

6 Steve Burd

CEO, Safeway

7 Chris Anderson

Curator, TED Conferences

8 Hannah Jones

VP of Sustainable Business and Innovation, Nike

9 James Cameron

Filmmaker, Lightstorm Entertainment

10 Qi Lu

President of Online Services, Microsoft


11 Jay-Z

Founder, Roc Nation

12 Dr. C. Martin Harris

CIO, Cleveland Clinic

13 Phoebe Philo

Creative Director, Céline

14 Igor Pušenjak

iPhone App Developer, Lima Sky

15 Sheila Nevins

President, HBO Documentary Films

16 Haiping Zhao

Senior Software Engineer, Facebook

17 Reid Hoffman

Executive Chairman, LinkedIn; Partner, Greylock Partners

18 Rob Carter

CIO, FedEx Corp.

19 Jean Nouvel

Architect, Ateliers Jean Nouvel

20 KR Sridhar

CEO, Bloom Energy

21 Josh Sapan

CEO, Rainbow Media

22 Andy Spade

Founder, Partners and Spade

23 Aaron Koblin

Technology Lead, Google Creative Lab

24 Daniel Newman

Cofounder, Executive Director, MapLight

25 Susan Smith Ellis

CEO, Red


26 Shmuel “Mooly” Eden

VP, General Manager of PC Client Group, Intel

27 John Skipper

EVP for Content, ESPN

28 Spike Jonze


29 Alessandra Lariu

Cofounder, SheSays

30 Naveen Selvadurai

Cofounder, Foursquare

31 Rebecca Allen

Research Director, Nokia

32 Samuel Stupp

Director, Institute for Bio Nanotechnology in Medicine

33 Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald

Music Producer, Kemosabe Entertainment

34 Kimberly Davis

President, JPMorgan Chase Foundation

35 Beth Simone Noveck

Deputy CTO, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

36 Zachary Lieberman

Media Artist, Cofounder OpenFrameworks

37 Jamie Oliver


38 Yugo Nakamura

Designer, Founder, Tha

39 Byron Washom

Director of Strategic Energy Initiatives, UC San Diego

40 Judy McGrath

Chairman, CEO, MTV Networks

41 Jesse Dylan

Director, Form; Founder, Freeform

42 Cynthia Warner

President, Sapphire Energy

43 Mark Covey

Simulations Director for the Joint Training Counter-IED Ops Center, DoD

44 Frank Cooper III

Chief Consumer Engagement Officer, PepsiCo Beverages Americas

45 Tom Ford

Fashion Designer, Filmmaker

46 Gilberto Gil

Musician, Activist

47 Carol Twigg

President, CEO, National Center for Academic Transformation

48 Todd Park

CTO, Department of Health and Human Services

49 Mark Pinto

CTO, Applied Materials

50 Natalia Allen

Founder, Design Futurist


51 Corinna Lathan

Cofounder, CEO, AnthroTronix

52 Simon Robinson

Cofounder, Chief Scientist, The Foundry

53 Soraya Darabi

Product Lead,

54 Mark Fuller


55 Amy Pascal

Cochair, Sony Pictures

56 Luis Von Ahn

Founder, reCaptcha

57 Franklin Leonard

Development Director, Universal Pictures

58 Wayne Peacock

EVP of Member Experience, USAA

59 Majora Carter

Founder, Majora Carter Group

60 Fred Wilson

Cofounder, Union Square Ventures

61 Lisa Stone

Founder, CEO, BlogHer

62 Ray Kurzweil

Inventor, Cofounder, Singularity University

63 Robert Brunner

Partner, Ammunition Group

64 Bjarke Ingels

Architect, BIG

65 Kal Patel

President, Asia, Best Buy

66 Dele Olojede

CEO, Publisher, Timbuktu Media

67 Stacey Simmons

Founder, Omnicademy

68 Caterina Fake

Cofounder, Hunch

69 Charlene Li

Founder, Altimeter Group

70 Jay Chou

Cofounder, JVR Music

71 Jonney Shih

Chairman, AsusTek

72 Tokujin Yoshioka

Designer, Tokujin Yoshioka Design

73 Scott Belsky

Founder, CEO, Behance

74 Perry Chen

Cofounder, Kickstarter

75 Ping Fu

CEO, Founder, Geomagic


76 Chris Barbour

Head of Digital Marketing, Sport Style Division, Adidas

77 Federico Alvarez

Film Director

78 Eric Ripert

Chef, Co-owner, Le Bernardin; Host, Avec Eric

79 Amy Cappellazzo

Deputy Chairman, Christie’s International

80 Gabor Forgacs

Professor of Biophysics, MU; Cofounder, Organovo

81 Larry Fullerton

Cofounder, Correlated Magnetics Research

82 Mieko Kusano

Director of Product Management, Sonos

83 Marshall Capps

Software Systems Engineer, Texas Instruments DLP

84 Avner Ronen

CEO, Cofounder, Boxee

85 Tavi Gevinson

Blogger, Style Rookie

86 Ben Huh

CEO, Cheezburger Network

87 Patrick Awuah

President, Cofounder, Ashesi University

88 Kazuyo Sejima

Partner, SANAA Architects

89 Bonnie Brooks

CEO, The Bay

90 Boo-Keun Yoon

President, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics

91 Marcel Melanson

Battalion Chief, Compton Fire Department

92 Annie Leonard

Environmental Activist, The Story of Stuff Project

93 Phoenix Wang

Cofounder, Startl

94 David Cage

CEO, Quantic Dream

95 Jordan Roth

Jujamcyn Theaters

96 Andrew Mason

Founder, Groupon

97 Michael Williams

Blogger, A Continuous Lean

98 Sung-Joo Kim

CEO, Sungjoo Group/MCM Worldwide

99 Jessica Lundquist

Assistant Professor, Hydrology and Hydroclimatology, UW

100 Andrey Ternovskiy

Founder, Chatroulette